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Elevate My Character……….Because Character Matters…

A long time ago, I heard that “CHARACTER is who you are when no one is looking.” The Statement made an impact on me and I began to pass it on to others. Because character matters, it’s now time to build on that foundation. So, let’s elevate our character. What??????

Elevate My Character #EMC is a personal growth campaign to encourage you to EXAMINE & CHALLENGE what healthy character traits you already have and to decide what new traits may need further development or adoption.

We develop our muscles with exercise and our mind with knowledge. So, why are we not working more intentional on developing our character. You see, character is developed over time. We do not inherit it or purchase it. Good character traits are examined and enhanced with intentional focus, maturity, and discipline. What are you waiting for…Go and ELEVATE YOUR CHARACTER!!!

Start by answering these basic questions and build on your answers:

  • What character traits do you presently have? (Example: Honesty) *For each trait or characteristic mentioned, please answer the following questions individually for each trait.
  • What is the evidence of that trait in your life?
  • Why is this specific trait (named above) important to you?
  • Who are the people who see it and tell you they appreciate that about you?
  • How are you maintaining and growing this trait?
  • What are some dangers and pitfalls that threaten this character trait?
  • Name 3 ways you could actively elevate your character in the next 45 days?
  • *Please note that this is a real challenge to do personal action in the next 45 days that enriches your personal character development. Journal about it, hashtag it, get some accountability, and Live Well!!!

If you accept the challenge, the team at The Madisel Group would love to hear your story. So send us an email so that we can rejoice with you as we work together at improving our relational dynamics for stronger families and communities. [email protected]

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