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the be well box

TheBeWellBoxAn Emotional Life & Mental Wellness Kit for Individuals, Groups, & Families.

TheBeWellBox™ is an interactive resource designed to build and restore your emotional wellness.

TheBeWellBox™ is loaded with items that will support and encourage your emotional, mental, and relational wellbeing. Life has a way of hitting us very hard through a variety of circumstances. How do you recalibrate after a crisis? What am I saying to myself and others about my feelings? What does it look like to be well? Spend time in the details of each resource of this box as you find your answers.

Teachers: Use this as your SEL Resource (Remember everything is useful for teaching in Social Emotional Learning. Let your creativity and care for your students, direct your engagement.)

Please send in your comments, questions at concerns to [email protected]

The contents of the box includes 6 different card decks that vary is size and content.

UDIO - The Upside Down Inside Out Experience 

SmilesRNotGeneric - 2 decks that remind us of the importance of a valuable asset, the beauty and mystery of a smile.

Family Fix - A deep dive into our everyday conversations that create and support healthy identity and connections.

Emotional Wellness Checks & Tips - Awareness and support for your emotional and mental well-being through simple statements.

ColorfulOxygen™ - provides helpful information to assist us in being more mindful and supportive in our life experiences.

Support for those engaged in the Box:

1. Read the Deck Instructions so that you are aware of the overall purpose of the design.

2. Remember that you are free to create and build your own pattern for encouragement and change in self and others.

3. Use one of the fidget items as a type of talking stick, whomever is holding the item leads the conversation or has a turn.