Frequently Asked Questions for Coaching Collab™

This is a quarterly subscription product that offers a self-paced alternative to traditional coaching styles and supports emotional health by offering real techniques in working on four key areas of life interactions: personal life, relationships, family, and money.

This subscription product is an 18-month process for personal growth and development of self and family members. There are six boxes that will be delivered to you each quarter that are filled with interactive resources that deal with four key areas of the life journey: Personal Life, Marriage & Relationships, Family, and Finances. Each box contains written materials that will entice your engagement to support your overall emotional health and well-being.

This style of emotional support was designed to bring a multitude of resources to each individual home without the travel issues, time inconveniences, conflicting scheduling, and compounding cost of four separate, but necessary support services. By participating in Coaching Collab™ you will maximize on every area at a fraction of the cost. The average price range for basic, personal coaching services cost between $80 to $100 for each hour. Each Coaching Collab™ box will include material from at least two sessions from four different coaches, handling four different areas of concern and support. We have created a compact service that you will directly engage with by scheduling how much information you receive and when you receive it. The other uniqueness of this resource is that you can immediately engage your entire household in the process.

We are reachable at [email protected]

The Coaching Collab™ extension is an additional resource used as an add-on feature to your basic services. An extension can be a coaching session offered via phone or video chat, additional resources, personal assessments, or access to webinar events designed for our subscribers. Extension features are only available to full plan subscribers. Extensions can be purchased and added at any time after initial purchase.

Anyone who purchases the full 18-months of services at any price level, at the time of the initial purchase. Either through recurring payment or one-time payment in full.

Call 904-344-5010 ext. 800 or email us [email protected]

Coaching Collab™ includes a group of multidisciplinary professionals from different backgrounds of mental health, social services, religion, and business. Learn more about us here

This resource is for adults who are interested in making personal improvements in life while staying mindful of their emotional health and wellness. The content material will speak to every life stage. There are aspects of this resource that are written directly to young people ages 12 and above to help them start the process of awareness about life issues.

Each item is designed specifically for the interactions and processes of that particular box. There are no returns or exchanges.

Our ideal shipping response happens within 21 days of your submitted and approved payment. You will receive email notifications of order shipment with tracking information available.

Additional boxes are available on the website or by sending an email requesting order support at [email protected]

Yes, but it is not recommended. The product has been designed to work as a building block. You benefit by purchasing the full subscription, which provides you with the option of other support features.

You may purchase the entire subscription as a gift for someone else.

Great question, send them to the website to make their own order or have them reach out to us for support at [email protected].

Each Coaching Collab™ box will include interactive material about the four main topics of the life journey: Personal Life, Marriage & Relationships, Family, and Finances. There will be helpful items like note pads, journals, pens, and other various items that are conducive to working on the assignments created by our professional coaching team. You will also find motivational helps and encouragement in your box.

Please contact us at [email protected] . Please send pictures of damaged items.

Please contact us at [email protected].

Here at Coaching Collab™ we work diligently to create the best quality resources to support your emotional wellness. Our desire is that you continue to work through any rough areas of change and development. We are here to adjust and consult on any topic by offering you a separate assessment appointment with our professional staff, when needed. Therefore, we do not offer any refunds on purchased subscription boxes or individual topic boxes or any Coaching Collab™ items. We believe that you will gain far more than you invest. If you have any problems, please contact our team for assistance at [email protected]. You may cancel at any time without a refund. Cancellation can be made via email: [email protected].

Yes, at the Florida State rate.

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