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Relational Dynamics


depressed people

Young people in Crisis

Young people are hurting and need to share what is troubling them. We have become a society of virtual relationships in the home, school, and workplace. Young people want support as they transition into adulthood. We want to help you-- BE THERE!

family support

Family Communication Issues

Everybody is talking today, but is anyone really listening? It is said that 75% of human communication is non-verbal. According to the statement, we probably need to start listening with more than just our ears. Problems with communication are global. Communication dynamics influence our relationships in every aspect of life – from birth to death. It’s not about mastering the art of communication, it’s really about learning to DO IT BETTER with the goal of strengthening our relationships.

teen grief

Lack of Involvement--- We have probably heard and used the phrase “just leave me alone!” And for that moment in time, we absolutely meant that. The journey of life is best done when we share it with others—friends, families, coworkers, and loved ones. Involvement is tough because it means putting someone else above yourself. LET’S GET INVOLVED!

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