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Who We Are

  • ""Sandra Johnson is one of the most dynamic and engaging trainers I have observed in over 30 years in the field as an educator and training professional. She has a natural ability to present even the most difficult of material and make it relevant to her audience. Sandra is organized, creative, professional, and has the ability to adapt quickly to ensure her audience receives a quality experience. Sandra has a natural ability to create impactful training experiences.""
    - Jon Mark Howard, Educator/Trainer
  • ""Anyone that has had the opportunity to know Sandra of The Madisel Group or has been counseled/coached by her can tell you how awesome she is! Sandra is a very gifted special lady that has been a blessing in the life of my family.""
    - Rick Masi, Seminole H.S. Boy's Soccer Coach
  • ""The Madisel Group is dedicated to providing guidance on parenting, life struggles, and communication within families and also group settings. Ms. Sandra Johnson has been involved in this field of work for many years and continues to spread her message throughout Jacksonville as well as other Florida areas. You will not be disappointed in her services!""
    - Satisfied and Encouraged Customer
  • ""The Madisel Group has helped me in many aspects in life. My family has become more unified, our communication has improved greatly, we spend more quality time together, and we encourage each other more. Working with the Madisel Group has refined my marriage, has given me a confidence I've never had before, and most importantly my faith is stronger than ever! Thank you Madisel for helping me become a better me!""
    - Ashley Graham-James, Wife, Mom, Life Boss

The Madisel Group, LLC is a dedicated team of Human Relations Life Coaches who desire to help the family unit identify and accomplish their goals to encourage and improve family relational dynamics while strengthening overall communication skills. Relationships are the energy of life. We must strive to learn how to do relationships better.

With that said, we have developed a new Coaching Collab product!

Coaching Collab™ is an at-home Personal Coaching strategy that will teach you how to strengthen your emotional health without leaving home, by offering you a convenience resource for the betterment of your Life, Marriage and Relationships, Family, and Finances.

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