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BeWellNow™ Parent Support Workshop

Date: To be announced

BeWellNow™ Parent Support Workshop 

Date: To be announced 

Time: To be announced 

Location: To be announced

MADISEL—Making A Difference In Someone Else's Life!!

We are Behavior & Emotional Wellness Coaching services providing emotional and mental health wellness to youth & parents! We provide products and coaching/counseling services. No matter if it is crisis prevention or working on rebuilding broken relationships through improved communication, we are here to serve you. Therefore, we say: #BeWellNow!! 

Growth & Change are difficult tasks at any level of development. We all have blind spots and require help with seeing ourselves from the right perspective. Family is our greatest resource, let us help you keep it functioning well! 

"Family wellness strengthens the community. Strong communities influence the world." by Sandra D. Johnson, MHSC

Madisel Group, LLC created and supports the #NewNarrative & #BeWellNow Initiatives. These initiatives propose that we each become more aware of the importance of our emotional and mental wellness by actively working to strengthen those areas. A change in the behaviors of what we think, say, and do are required. 

Our Founder and CEO

Sandra D. Johnson, MHSC, CTP, Family Emotional Wellness Coach

I am a professional Life Coach who specializes in personal growth, parent and youth coaching, and staff development and enrichment and I maintain a private practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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Education: Bachelor of Science in Religion/Magna Cum Laude; Master of Arts in Theological Studies; Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling.
Additional Training & Awards: Outstanding Leadership Award ; Magna Cum Laude ; Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid, Certified Mental Health Coach, Certified Trauma Professional

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