Strategic Parenting for the 21st Century

Strategic Parenting

"Strategic Parenting for the 21st Century" is a new resource that supports family emotional wellness!! The family is our greatest resource! What can we do to keep that as our priority? Let's Get Strategic! Supporting the emotional wellness of our families is not something that we have to wait and do when a crisis happens. Let's be encouraged to see what can be done in our every day interactions from the power struggles of "stop hitting your brother" to the challenge of "who changed the WiFi password?" There is Hope for the Home and it starts with each one of us! Get your copy today!!

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Please send name, full mailing address, and email address to [email protected], with your request.
Cost is $20 plus tax and invoice will be sent to you!

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Book Launch 12/28/19 from Sandra Johnson on Vimeo.