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Coaching Collab™ is an at-home, self-paced, private Personal Coaching strategy that provides you with the tools needed to strengthen your emotional health and achieve your life goals. You will focus in on your personal life, marriage and relationships, family, and finances.

Personal Coaching in a Box, delivered to your home. 

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Introducing the six themes that make up the quarterly content that will be delivered in each box you receive. 

Blueprint: These are your plans. A guide to follow based on vision and purpose. 


  • Box 1 - Foundation: This is your base. If the foundation is weak, nothing will be supported long term. 
  • Box 2 - Walls: This is the surrounding of your dwelling, also considered your framing. Walls connect and separate. 
  • Box 3- Doors: Doors are made of multiple materials. Doors are distinctly for entrance and exits.
  • Box 4 - Windows: They bring in light. They represent a station that provides a sample view of the big picture outside the house or building.
  • Box 5 - Roof: A roof provides covering and completion that gives confidence.
  • Box 6 - Protection: Every dwelling place needs some form of protection. 



   Alvin W. King

This is an at home subscription program.


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